KOCMOC is the non-commercial online radio station of Kocmoc Collective in northern Greece.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of KOCMOC Freeform Radio to provide diverse and innovative online broadcasting that reflects the interests and concerns of the community; thus, creating broad cultural experiences.

Kocmoc Collective is funded by its own members and also its listeners’ – supporters’ donations. We do not accept advertising or underwriting. Kocmoc Collective uses its funding to cover servers costs, to purchase and repair equipment and to expand its music library. The station is staffed by approximately 40 producers who perform both DJ shifts and administrative functions. All Kocmoc staff members are volunteers.

Research and concept: Kocmoc Collective
Design and programming: Monoscopic Studio
Station ID’s: Foukodian Rhythms
Photography: Iraklia Dede, Michail Papoutsis, TILT!

Angela Melitopoulos, Christos Yermenoglou, Juan Orozco, Kerstin Schroedinger, Siraistak, UbuWeb