Developments Status

Falcon Outage - OVH Major Incident (Closed)


- Power restored : Falcon UP

Power and network service to our Falcon machine (OVH SGB4) has finally been restored. No data was lost during this process. Thank you enough for your patience, understanding, and encouragement during this difficult time. Please let us know if you face further issues and we will investigate. We will continue to do our best — we truly care about radio.


- SSL Proxy : Completed. Fix connection errors on Chrome.


- We set up a temporary server on a Quasar machine
- We restored data from the backup
- Our streaming is back online
- SSL Proxy : In progress


The fire at OVH caused a necessary power shutdown of the entire datacenter. This is an ongoing event and it is currently unknown how long it will take to restore power.

We are going to set up a new server in another location to transfer data from the backup. We are hoping to be again online over the next few hours.


OVH's datacenter (SBG2) suffered a major fire & this has caused a huge knock-on effect to servers hosted in the vicinity. SBG2 and partially SBG1 have been affected by the fire, though SBG3 and SBG4 have remained safe. Our Falcon server is hosted in the SBG4 datacenter and therefore no data has been lost.

SBG4 has been shut-down as a safety precaution and they are now looking to reactivate servers over the coming hours :

Version 3.0 - Update


- Fix bugs with pushState + ajax requests on iOS users
- Fix bugs with inline scripts on iOS users