Freedom is a voice: Bobby McFerrin special


VOUV focuses on the work of jazz vocalist, conductor and vocal percussionist Bobby McFerrin, with a 2-hοur special episode.

Robert Keith McFerrin Jr. is an American folk – jazz vocalist, performer, arranger and producer. Widely acclaimed for his vocal techniques, he developed his personal musical style, characterized by improvisational approach to singing, rapid jumps in pitch and scat.

Through his performances, attempts to adapt to musical vocabularies of any kind and make the audience part of the creative process. McFerrin considers every improvisation as a real time invention and every concert as a release of creative energy.

In 1985, as part of Ben Sidran’s project ‘Talking Jazz’, the composer talked about the human voice as a musical instrument, the faith in the intelligence of the audience and his bewilderment at being categorized a ‘jazz’ singer. The episode is seeking these elements in Bobby McFerrin’s discography, ranging from classical & vocal jazz to cappella & world music.

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