Landed welcomes Dave Campbell for a very special Guest Mix


Landed returns in Intentional Realities as he welcomes Dave Campbell aka Hi-Ryze, Ubik, 62nd Cell, Phume, for a very special Guest Mix.

For this mix Dave shares some of his latest unreleased tracks plus some of his recent releases as 62nd Cell.

Dave Campbell has been producing records since late 80s, inspired by the UK’s acid house movement. Together with Viv Beeton, as Ubik, they were supplying timeless dance tunes, performing also live acts which were the very first in UK techno/house history from 1989 since 1993. He then continued producing as solo under his Hi-Ryze alias developing the Ubik raw sound to a more minimalistic yet energetic, followed by the Drum & Bass project “Phume” together with Tom Withers.

Still passionate about sound, Dave keeps creating brilliant music running also his own record and digital label Yozmaz plus his studio the “Dave’s Pad Studios Ipswich”.

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