Superficies Aurales 0.2 feat. XSTNC


Superficies Aurales

A series of original sound music sets by Juan Orozco: an Argentinian musician – composer – experimental artist based in Berlin; featuring different guests, delivering original electro acoustic, experimental, noise, drone, field recording and sound design excursions.

Superficies Aurales 0.2 features XSTNC: 56 minutes improvised modular and semi modular synthesizers set, recorded at the end of March at Juan Orozco’s studio in Berlin.

XSTNC is a collaboration between filmmaker and video artist Renata Daguerre and Juan Orozco. An audiovisual performance which through the use of modular video and audio synthesizers, and the research of light, darkness, sound, shape, space, frequency, color, and timbre, aims to reach and deepen different mind, physic, and spiritual states.


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