Superficies Aurales 0.3 feat. Lorena Izquierdo with Juan Orozco


Superficies Aurales

A series of original sound music sets by Juan Orozco: musician – composer – experimental artist based in Berlin; featuring different guests, delivering original electro acoustic, experimental, noise, drone, field recording and sound design excursions.

Superficies Aurales 0.3 features Lorena Izquierdo.

Lorena Izquierdo is a performer, artist, vocalist and poet. In her pieces she explores diverse concepts through the body, voice, poetry, sound, space and everyday objects.

Superficies Aulares 0.3: a one hour original music set, built from recordings Lorena and Juan made at Juan’s studio in Berlin. The set includes voice, condense, dynamic and throat microphone, bird whistle, modular electronics and baritone horn.


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